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ad conversion rate

The client

Comprehensive Fire & Security is a trusted partner in the Lincolnshire business community. Established in 2017 by Managing Director, Dave Cook, they’ve since been leading the way with their top-of-the-range fire safety, training, security & first responder solutions.

Comprehensive Fire

The goals

With an idea to take their marketing to the next level and leave an online footprint, Comprehensive Fire & Security wanted a solid Google Ads strategy that would dominate the market & drum up some new business.

In such an extremely competitive space, it was important that the ads would be shown to a well-defined & targeted audience to ensure that budget wasn’t wasted.

Goal One

Increase their online presence

Goal Two

Create a new Google Ads strategy

The strategy

The team at Comprehensive Fire & Security didn’t want to risk creating and running the paid ads themselves, so after a lengthy chat about their goals and their business, we agreed on a strategy and it was time for us to do our thing! 

Focusing on Google Ads, we got started by creating an account for them and setting up the necessary conversion tracking – we utilise WhatConverts, which allows us to track form submissions and also record calls so that we can monitor ad performance and quality of the leads (clients can also be given access). 

It’s also important to understand which services the client wanted us to focus on and where they’d like to spend their budget. This is generally decided based on profitability, the availability to handle the increased workload and the volume of searches for each service. Once we had this information, we created new campaigns for each area of work with bespoke ads, tailored to the service and with the end-user in mind.

The results

With persistent and well-thought-through optimisation and some ad copy magic, we’ve been able to achieve a fantastic conversion rate of 9%. Better yet, 80% of the leads that Repeat Digital has generated have converted into a sale/booking with monetary value. 

We also had the difficult task of dominating the (already competitive) market; one that we’ve achieved with ease! Comprehensive Fire & Security is currently sitting a mile ahead of the competition, with an impression share of 71% , calculated by the number of people that saw your ads divided by the estimated number of people that were eligible to see them.

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Dave Cook
Comprehensive Fire & Security

We have been working with Repeat Digital for several months now, to recognise not only my organisation’s true potential but assisting with the correct wording to achieve focus in raising the company’s profile to secure growth coupled with return on investment in key areas.

Sam has been instrumental on this journey, liaising effectively with suggestions on how best to try and achieve the desired goals,

I would not hesitate in recommending Repeat Digital to assist in channelling your focus, with innovative ideas, in a professional manner, an encouraging breath of fresh air!!


Do you have a campaign in mind that you need some help with building? Or are you just looking to get started with a digital marketing strategy? Whatever your needs, we can help you grow your business.

Get in touch to have a chat with one of our team about how we can help you.

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