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increase in revenue


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The client

Xplosive Ape is a gym wear and casual clothing brand that was developed to cater to the bodybuilding community who like to wear big clothing during their training. Their aim was to create a brand that offered gym clothing from sizes small all the way up to 7XL.

They wanted their designs to reflect the strength of the bodybuilding community. Simplicity in design was never in their nature and is evident in the wide variety of bold and creative styles available.

The strongman market has been a particularly key focus during the growth of the brand, with Xplosive Ape regularly sponsoring strongman events to boost their brand awareness.

Xplosive Ape

The goals

Xplosive Ape came to us with huge goals for growth across the whole business. They had just launched a new site with over 500 products, opened a new manufacturing facility and were about to start advertising on London bus stops, but had never run any digital advertising.

The team came to us with the goal to start marketing across as many channels as they could, including Google, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. As they had just launched a new site, we also advised that working on their SEO could help grow their organic presence exponentially. With an ambitious sales target and an initial budget of up to £100 a day, we had a lot to get our teeth stuck into.

Goal One

Create an integrated marketing strategy across multiple channels

Goal Two

Grow organic presence for their new site

The PPC strategy

The brand is recognised within the world of Body Building and Strong Man competitions, leading to an opportunity to target these audiences on the biggest social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Across these channels we ran several prospecting and remarketing campaigns. The prospecting campaigns targeted users interested in Body Building competitions such as Mr Olympia, and the remarketing campaigns were based on past site users.

To complement our Social Ads, we ran Google Search and Shopping campaigns focusing on a wide range of keywords around their product specialities, such as “Strongman Clothing” and “XXXL Hoodie”.

Our approach was to analyse each product as a campaign and report on what was selling well and what wasn’t. Each campaign had its own creative and was optimised to meet each ad placement, for example using 9:16 MP4 formats for reels and story. Analysing the data across all ads, we were able to advise which items they should restock, and pause products that weren’t performing well.

We ran several different campaigns (products) across all channels weekly, and we would create new campaigns for new tees on a regular basis. This was all part of our integrated marketing strategy where we showed the same products across all our online channels.

We were very pleased with the results and soon knew the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) we wanted to achieve. Any ads under a 5 x ROAS were paused or tweaked for improvements.

Constantly searching for more gains, we are now looking to expand our PPC campaigns to international areas, including the USA and European countries.

The SEO strategy

To get started, we created and optimised their Google My Business profile to ensure they were showing the most information possible. We added locations served, business categories and many of their products to the listing. In order to  create a more integrated approach to marketing, we focused on adding products that were also being pushed across their PPC campaigns.

On the website, we added 100s of missing meta descriptions and optimised page titles for the high volume keywords. This helped improve their organic ranking as well as the Click Through Rate on the website. We also quickly identified and fixed any technical issues identified via Search Console.

In order to improve user experience and organic ranking, it was important that we removed any unnecessary and low content pages, as well as out of stock pages and categories.

Whilst we worked on the organic performance of the business through SEO, we were also running supporting PPC and Paid Social campaigns. This combination of working on both lead generation and demand generation has been key in the huge growth of Xplosive Ape during their time working with us.

The results

Across our time working with Xplosive Ape, they have seen a huge return on investment in SEO. For every one pound they have spent on SEO, they have seen a return on investment of £29.80. That means a massive 210% ROI.

Comparing their first three months to their most recent three months, Xplosive Ape has seen a 177% increase in revenue as well as a 191% increase in overall transactions. As a result of improving site usability, they’ve also seen an 18% increase in conversions and a 147% increase in site sessions.

Xplosive Ape Logo

Uchit Vadher
Explosive Ape

Xplosive Ape [have] been working with Repeat Digital since April 2021 and with their support we have seen our business go from strength to strength. We achieved our end of year target within just 1 MONTH!

The Repeat team [take] an active interest in the whole business and [provide] much more advice than just PPC / SEO management.

It’s clear they really care and we look forward to working together indefinitely. Always recommend the Repeat team to others.

We work so well together that we’ve even decided to host our Christmas party with them!


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